Using Video to Promote Your Pet Business

Did you miss our Webinar on Using VIDEO to Promote Your Pet Business?  Oh no! 

Well you're in luck - you can access this mini-course now right here on Thinkific!  

We have even added some bonuses to this mini-course so you can strategize your video plan, important information and links, and even guide to help your video goals!

We can't wait to see your pet business on video and how it helps grow your pet business  

What's included?

1 Video
3 PDFs
Nancy Hassel
Nancy Hassel
President & Founder of American Pet Professionals

About the instructor

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Nancy has been involved in Public Relations (PR), media and the pet industry for over 13 years.  Working with pet business and animal rescue organizations landing them media coverage in multiple mediums such as TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Podcasts, Radio, Blog articles and more!  As a PR pro for the pet industry, Nancy understands how to properly promote her client's businesses, events, news and works with the media on a daily basis.  Nancy has also been involved in television production for over 20 years!  As a TV Producer and production coordinator for the first part of her career and a regular live broadcaster on several social media platforms for the pet industry - video and media is in her blood!  From being an early person on Periscope, hosting nearly 100 broadcasts, to helping pet professionals overcome their fears of being on camera, going live and being a constant media coach to many clients over the past decade.  Nancy has also being actively involved with planning, promoting, hosting & co-hosting well over 500+ pet events in the past decade.  Pet events ranging from small pet retail events to large-scale gala's at dog training facilities, to helping organize and promote non-profit animal rescue organization events, to arranging all kinds of creative and attractive events for veterinary clients and pet sitters also.  Co-hosting a yearly successful business-to-business boutique pet trade show in NYC and many other pet events in the last decade.  Getting hundreds of magazine, newspaper, TV, radio and blog press 'hits' and impressions for her clients and her own events.  And Nancy sends out a weekly Pet Events Newsletter to over 15,500 subscribers since 2008 - and attends pet events all across the country!

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