Get access to our webinar about the very important topic for pet industry professionals selling CBD products: Understanding the Legalities and Payment Processing of CBD. 

Despite the many health benefits CBD provides to its users, banks categorize it as a high-risk industry since it is derived from the hemp plant, even though it contains barely traceable amounts of THC (the psychoactive, pain-killing component of marijuana). Because the possession, sale and use of marijuana remains illegal by U.S. federal law, some acquiring banks are cautious of offering credit card processing for CBD.

We are joined by two experts in this field:
Alex Buscher, Esq. or Buscher Law - specializing in Business law around Hemp and CBD, and 
Steven Cron, Vice President of Benchmark Payment Networks and well versed in payment processing with years of experience with CBD pet and human businesses.

Hosted by Nancy Hassel and Dana Humphrey, co-hosts of the NYC Re-Tails and Sales Pet Expo that takes place annually every spring in NYC.  This 2nd in our series of webinars about CBD is an extension of the education provided at our show in April 2019. 

Gain access to this hour+ webinar packed full of information for both Pet Product Manufacturers that want to know more about CBD and pet retailers who have questions about selling CBD pet products.  

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Understanding Legalities and Payment Processing for CBD - Webinar!

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