Getting your pet business in the news, on a regular consistent basis can be an overwhelming undertaking, to say the least, especially if you don't know where to start!
 PR Unleashed! - The Course is an in-depth 4-part course that I, Nancy Hassel of American Pet Professionals, will give you step-by-step instructions and guidance on your Intro to Public Relations (PR), effective Timing, Your Story, How to get Contacts and much more - to get your pet business the repeated media attention you have always wanted!

You will get many bonuses such as a Checklist for you and your team to guide you; swipe files of an effective Press Releases, Media Alerts, Samples of both, you can use to reach the media; and all the Important Links discussed in the class and much more!  And as a Bonus access to an exclusive private Facebook group page - PR Unleashed!

The course is broken down into 4-sections to make it simple for you to go through and apply each step for your specific event.

PR Unleashed you will get:

- Step-by-Step PR Training Video Tutorials

- 4-parts to this course to guide you from being a novice to confident PR pro for your pet business!

- 100% online (access anytime)

- Checklists and Cheat Sheets

- Swipe Files (think press releases, media alerts and more!)

- Access to Private Facebook Group only for students who enroll in this course!

- All 3-days of our Masterclasses included

- And a LOT of Bonuses!

Learning how to get your own PR takes time, but this course simplifies it for the busy pet professional to become confident connecting with the media on a regular basis!

PR Unleashed the course has been created to be easily completed in under approximately 4-hours!
So excited to help you and your pet business succeed and get the media coverage you have dreamed of!
See you in the course!
~ Nancy :)

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to PR Unleashed the Course!

    • Welcome Video!

  • 2

    Part 1: Intro to PR

    • Part 1: Intro to PR!

    • Do you know the difference between PR and Advertising?

    • Bio & About Video

  • 3

    Part 2: Timing!

    • Part 2: Timing!

    • How to email the press!

  • 4

    Part 3: Your Story & Press Contacts!

    • Part 3: Your Story/Contacts

    • Part 3: Contacts continued!

  • 5

    Part 4: Saying Thank you!

    • Part 4: Thank you

  • 6


    • Swipe File: Event Press Release

    • Swipe File: Pet Product Release Template

    • Swipe File: APP Event Press Release

    • Press outreach chart

    • Questions for Your Story!

    • Important Links for PR Unleashed – The Course!

    • Subject Lines - PR Unleashed Bonus!

    • PR Tips & Ideas for your Pet Business

    • Guide to Pet Magazines you should be reading!

  • 7

    3 Day Masterclass Videos

    • Masterclass Video Day 1

    • Masterclass Video Day 2

    • Masterclass Day 3

About the instructor

President & Founder of American Pet Professionals

Nancy Hassel

Nancy has been involved in Public Relations (PR), media and the pet industry for over 14 years.  Working with pet business and animal rescue organizations landing them media coverage in multiple mediums such as TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Podcasts, Radio, Blog articles and more!  As a PR pro for the pet industry, Nancy understands how to properly promote her client's businesses, events, news and works with the media on a daily basis.  Nancy has also been involved in television production for over 20 years!  As a TV Producer and production coordinator for the first part of her career and a regular live broadcaster on several social media platforms for the pet industry - video and media is in her blood!  From being an early person on Periscope, hosting nearly 100 broadcasts, (and now Clubhouse!), to helping pet professionals overcome their fears of being on camera, going live and being a constant media coach to many clients over the past decade.  Nancy has also being actively involved with planning, promoting, hosting & co-hosting well over 1,000 pet events in the past decade.  Pet events ranging from small pet retail events to large-scale gala's at dog training facilities, to helping organize and promote non-profit animal rescue organization events, to arranging all kinds of creative and attractive events for veterinary clients and pet sitters also.  Co-hosting a yearly successful business-to-business boutique pet trade show in NYC Re-Tails and Sales Pet Expo and many other pet events in the last decade.  Getting hundreds of magazine, newspaper, TV, radio and blog press 'hits' and impressions for her clients and her own events.  And Nancy sends out a weekly Pet Events Newsletter to 18,500+ subscribers since 2008 - and attends and speaks at pet events all across the country!

Enroll today to learn how to start getting press and media attention for your pet business or animal rescue group!  

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